Another poster

Having just designed this splendid poster for our (Junkbox) next gig I thought it only right that I should also post it right here.



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Am Liking these paintings

Just came across this guy Stuart Davis, excuse the bad website but the actual paintings are great, well i think so.

Stuart Davis2

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Victoria Park

I took this the other morning walking back from my girlfriend’s place, across victoria park.

Victoria PArk

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Just a little stupid video of Bob Dylan, but it makes me laugh.

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Contact Me

To contact me regarding design work, or anything else:


tel: 07808 929 430

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New Things

Hello, having just set this thing up am currently in the process of moving my work from my existing portfolio site onto this site, and trying to make it all make sense, so bear with it, and hopefully soon I will have a lovelly organised and up-to-date site right here. In the mean time here is a poster I designed for the next Junkbox Gig at The Water Rats.
posterĀ again

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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