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Junkbox Video live in the studio

Here is a video we did a while back of us playing live in our own studio, thanks a lot to Simon Drew for camera work / editing and Beki for additional camera.


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Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Isn’t the internet great? I remember seeing this footage years ago on some TV documentary and always wanted to see it again and nowadays you can just search in Youtube and there you go. Check out her amazing guitar solo, I love the fact she plays an SG!

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Facebook = Evil

This’ll make you think next time you willingly share all your personal information to the world/CIA/Neocons through Facebook click here to read article

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Sonny Terry

Thats how you play dat harp boy!

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Re-action Records website

This is a design for the new Re-action recordings website as the old one they have is in great need of a re-design you can view a moc-up of it here.

Re-action website pic

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Pablo Picasso

To quote Jonathan Richman, “Pablo Picasso never got called an asshole, not like you” anyway i love this film ‘Visite à Picasso’ made by Paul Haesaerts in 1950, it shows Picasso at home in his studio with his art etc. Iit also includes the great footage of him painting on glass. Click here to watch the movie.


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Another poster

Having just designed this splendid poster for our (Junkbox) next gig I thought it only right that I should also post it right here.


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